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Who we are

Narrok is a web technology company with technologists who are deeply committed to finding simple and clear software solutions. Our approach is to be imaginative but practical.


“No matter how beautiful the software, it only works if people can productively use it”


What we do

We create technologies to help our customers implement business solutions on the web. We build and design beautiful software for clients who demand perfection. We are good at what we do.


We work with our customers to understand their business and then apply the best technologies to meet their objectives. That could include creating applications, architectures, web services or implementing content management solutions.

UX Design

We combine breakthrough design with emerging technologies to make innovative user experiences that connect with people.



Content is king. We take online business requirements through rigorous analysis and optimizations to achieve maximum business impact.

Products & Services

Creating extraordinary experiences


Our products and services match together

Narrok builds software as a service (SaaS) solutions for business scenarios on our CIM managed cloud platform. CIM is made up of three independent layers



The controller is the user interface to control the management and service software and also controls user access

Resource Management

Manages infrastructure and provisioning of resources and software services

Software Service

Software provided as a service designed to accomplish specific tasks


Would you like to try CIM?

CIM software services will be available soon. If you would like an invitation to trial the services, please send us your contacts.



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Do not worry. If you have any questions or need help of any kind, we are here to assist you.



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